Twist/Twist Soft - krzesło, krzesła

Krzesła szkolne i meble dla dzieci. Dobre Krzesła o wszechstronnym przeznaczeniu - krzesła do komputera, krzesła biurowe obrotowe oraz krzesła szkolne. Entelo to linia produktów profilaktycznych. Dobre krzesła biurowe obrotowe dla wszystkich dbających o zdrowie.
TWIST -  this is a line of Good Chairs with prophylactic parameters that are responsible for maintaining proper posture. The TWIST is a dedicated solution for computer labs, language classes at schools and children's and youth rooms. With its interesting and attractive styling and ease of cleaning, the TWIST model fits perfectly with any home environment. The collection meets the expectations of potential youngest users of Good Chairs. The chair is mounted on a swivel frame with adjustable seat height. Product designed and manufactured in Poland.



Twist - Size 3


User growth: 119 - 142 cm
Seat height adjustment range: 39 – 45 cm
With higher gas lift and footrest (WK + P): 44 – 57 cm
Seat depth: 32 cm
Seat width: 34 cm
Backrest height: 33 cm
Product weight: ca. 6 kg

Available colors: yellow, green, gray

AVAILABLE OPTIONS                           
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Twist - Size 4

User growth: 133 - 159 cm
Seat height adjustment range: 40 – 46 cm
With higher gas lift and footrest (WK + P): 45 – 58 cm
Seat depth: 35 cm
Seat width: 37 cm
Backrest height: 37,5 cm

Available colors:yellow, green, gray, red

Available options
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Twist - Size 5

User growth: 146 – 176,6 cm
Seat height: 48 – 61 cm
Seat depth: 39 cm
Seat width: 40 cm
Backrest height: 41 cm                           
Product weight: ca. 11 kg

Available colors: : yellow, green, gray

Available options
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Twist - Size 6

User growth: 159 - 188 cm
Seat height: 49,5 – 62 cm
Seat deptht: 40,5 cm
Seat width: 43,5 cm
Backrest height: 42,5 cm
Product weight: ca. 12 kg

Available colors: yellow, green, gray, beige, blue.

Available options
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